Working at TABI LABO

What is TABI LABO?

TABI LABO is media, advertising and a creative agency all rolled into one. From media content creation, total production planning for clients to product development and sales, our company strives to continually expand by delivering experiences that connect with the world. To that end we’re always looking for members to bring about mutual growth.

Working at TABI LABO

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Merits of working at TABI LABO


TABI LABO from its founding has valued preparing food and eating together. By literally “eating from the same pot” we believe in deepening relationships, and that cooking draws from the same foundation as content creation. Even as staffing increases we take turns as a team to make lunches and dine together.

JAM Kitchen

By sharing our culture of “cooking our meals together” with different people, we can expand our own worldview. JAM Kitchen draws different guests to our office to make the ultimate lunch, drawing in celebrities, Michelin-starred chefs and sushi artisans.


LFMP, or Last Friday Meetup Party is an office celebration held on the last Friday of every month. The events is not only for employees, but also for those important to us—business partners, family, significant others—and is a space where we express gratitude for one another Meals, of course, are hand-prepared.

Bonfire Retreat

We hold a Takibi (bonfire) Retreat twice a year. Company retreats typically have a stodgy image, but the purpose of our retreat is simply to “encircle the takibi.” Igniting the fire together, we gaze at the flame and share the same space and time together.

Encircle our TAKIBI