Over 1.65M views—BRAND STUDIO video ad creates buzz for Yamaha Motor Company


〜 Ad campaign with unexpected bike and sauna tie-in  buzzes on social media, leading to tens of thousands of retweets; purchase intent rising 2.4x and search increasing 9x compared to TV commercials. 〜


TABI LABO Co., Ltd. (Ikejiri, Tokyo;  CEO: Shotaro Kushi) received a request from Yamaha Motor Company Limited to highlight the appeal of its twin-front-wheeled TRICITY bike, resulting in the viral hit web video, “Refreshed from Sauna and TRICITY!” From creating the promotional concept to planning and developing content, we made a video that created buzz and garnered over 1,650,000 views, resulting in greater recognition and interest for TRICITY.

BRAND STUDIO, TABI LABO’s in-house organization, handled all aspects of the campaign, providing a full-service solution—everything from smartphone-based content development, total promotion planning, to distributing products for purchase.

■  We want to reach audiences where traditional promotions can’t, in ways no one would ever think of.

To attain greater recognition and stronger interest in TRICITY, TABI LABO focused on the recent sauna trend among men in their 20s to 40s. We hypothesized that motorcycle riders and sauna goers share many commonalities. So we came up with the concept: “saunas and motorcycles are refreshing in similar ways.” Finally, we created web video geared towards smartphones, titled “Refreshed from Sauna and TRICITY!”
As a result, we were able to provide buzz-worthy promotions that not only included producing short videos starring popular talent, but also offering giveaway campaigns for sauna goods and creating promotional posters for display at hot-spring facilities. Thus we were able to engage in both online and offline promotions that generated excitement and interaction among our audiences.

“Refreshed from Sauna and TRICITY!”
(Yamaha Motor TRICITY Special Campaign Website):

■ Garnered thousands of retweets on Twitter, generating buzz as a catchy infectious tune.

・ Viewed over 1,650,000 times on YouTube.
・ Approx. 2.4x increase in purchase intent of TRICITY and 9x rise in search* compared to TV ads.
・ Tens of thousands of retweets on Twitter.
・ Positive overall user feedback, with sentiments ranging from “I didn’t think it was a motorcycle commercial,” to “it’s addicting,” and “I can’t get it out of my head.”
・ Caused a buzz in news media.

* Comparative results were taken during YouTube video ad campaign.

■ Sauna-loving creators unite! Web movie “Refreshed from Sauna and TRICITY!” production staff:

Creative Director: Shotaro Kushi (TABI LABO Brand Studio)
Song and Lyrics: Shotaro Kushi (TABI LABO Brand Studio)
Staging and Choreography: Smith
Staging and Musical Director: YGQ
CPR: Mofuku-Chan
PR: Hirohisa Tozuka (Tokyo No.1/Pragma)
PM: Sari Kodaka, Miyu Okawa, Manami Nakagawa (Tokyo No.1), Tsuchihashi Mao (Tokyo No.1), Kohei Takano, Ayaka Yoshinaga
Filming Director: Yuki Nakamura
Lighting Director: Gen Kaido (OFFICE DOING)
Filming and Cast: Aki Ikeda
ST: Go Momose
HM: Hitomi Kouno
CG: Shigeru Nagasaka
I + Cast: Katsuki Tanaka
Editor: Toyoichi Tanno (Online), Takeshi Kajiwara (Online)
MA Engineer: Kaoru Sakata
Sound Producer: Kenichi Maeyamada
Metal Arrangement: Mitsuru
Song: MICO, Ryo Kinoshita
Character Voice-Over: Emiri Touyama
Mix Engineer: SOT (Sauna One Thousand)
Cast: Mel Kishida, Ken Ozawa, Hyadain, Go Yoshida, Porche Okite, Arisa Sonohara, Marina Nishii, Saunist Kyojaku, Mohawk Saunist, Mohei Gunma, Perorin Sensei, Nagi Nemoto, Nonoka Okuno, Moe Tsurumi


BRAND STUDIO was founded to extend our expertise of providing a one-stop content marketing framework for planning, production, and sales, as well as to strengthen and consolidate a high-value content marketing service. 90 percent of users of TABI LABO-run media TABI LABO (http://tabi-labo.com) are acquired via smartphones. We have maintained a policy of minimizing the noise of ad network and banner advertisement for all users since the foundation of BRAND STUDIO, and have continued to grow through our ability to edit and expand on social media and generate buzz. By utilizing our know-how of media production, TABI LABO has provided solutions to marketing challenges for numerous companies, and has directly dealt with over 120 clients to date.