RELEASE|TABI LABO launches BPM, a unique cafe and event space


January 23, 2018

Bringing real experiences into brand communications, geared for Millennials

TABI LABO Co., Ltd. (Ikejiri, Tokyo; CEO: Shotaro Kushi), a lifestyle media company has announced the launch and opening of a new cafe and event space called BPM, which strives to move and inspire the Millennial generation with first-hand experiences.

As internet and smartphones permeate deeper into our daily life, we have more access to information and services than ever before. With that change, the demand for genuine experiences has only grown, whether it’s live events or concerts.

As a result, companies are seeking for more ways to integrate real experiences into branding communications, and build a stronger connection with users.

Yet one of the challenges faced in creating events that resonates with users is the lack of quality “experiential design” equipped to handle the needs of clients, as well as the infrastructure and support to circulate that information online. To address this TABI LABO created the event space and cafe called BPM, which stands for Beats Per Moment.

BPM provides an experience and sensations that cannot be realized in digital content, via smartphones or the web. The name signifies the passion that comes from bringing together community and differing perspectives–a pulse reflecting the up and coming culture around us. BPM provides a novel way to experience content, while resonating with the sensibilities of the Millennial generation.

■ Values of BPM

According Refinery29 co-founder Philippe von Borries, Millennials are characterized by three traits: a mindset of individuality, global connections, and great sense of purpose.

BPM realizes those values in the following ways:
While upholding the uniqueness of the individual, we strive for an environment where content, community and perspectives harmoniously mingle together. With TABI LABO at its center, we gather intriguing people from Tokyo’s startups, IT firms and cultural scenes to create a place where new movements can be birthed.
・Global connections
Not just Japan or Tokyo–BPM draws on people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
・Greater sense of purpose
TABI LABO’s media and content is based on a worldview that resonates with the story and vision of Millennials around the world, and BPM makes this its foundation to create movements.

■ BPM experience and design characteristics

・Versatile–highlighted by the cafe kiosk, open kitchen, shop space
・Airy, sophisticated design (with supervision by PUDDLE Co.)
・3D sound system designed by influential sound creator Seto Katsuyuki
・High-definition projector ideal for film and video
・Photo-friendly layout conducive to social media
・Designed with TABI LABO media distribution in mind

■ How we use BPM

・Rental space
・For PR/promotion events (planning and operations)
・Cross promotional planning, execution with clients
・Pop-up shop with different brands, including planning and execution
・Plan, run events that reflect MOVEMENTS around the world
・Introduce and experience lifestyle products sold around the world, many not sold in Japan
・A space to support startup eateries–providing coffee and sweets from undiscovered culinary talent
・Event planning and execution that connects people to local regions and municipalities

■ BPM general info

Address: Shida bldg 2F, 2-31-24 Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo F
Phone: 03-6427-8102
Hours: 10am-7pm (weekdays), 11am-6pm (weekends, holidays)
Access: Next to Ikejiri-ohashi station in the Den-en-toshi line, south exit of Ikejiri station
Site URL:


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