L’Oréal Japan | Video + Instagram Live increase in-store visits to Kiehl’s


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August 1st, 2017


Launched in Japan in 2008, popular New-York-based skincare brand Kiehl’s saw a need for consumers to become aware of the brand’s history and the unique services that tie into its heritage.

True to Kiehl’s roots as an apothecary, its services emphasize one-on-one consultation with staff specialists. But simply explaining its history would sound too rigid or stilted. TABI LABO then mobilized its influencers that enjoy the brand, showing in-store experiences live via Instagram.

The hosts answered viewer questions while streaming live, and unscripted consultations with store staff emphasized real interactions to provide a deeper understanding of Kiehl’s brand values.

Campaign details

  1. Filmed at Kiehl’s flagship store in New York, with customers describing why they loved its products in interviews. Infographics of responses published in social media.
  2. Mobilized Instagrammers that love Kiehl’s. Posts consisted of Instagram Stories as well as teasers prior to the event.
  3. Four Instragrammers livestreamed the event.
  4. Instagrammers posted about the experience the next day.
  5. Live footage stored, then posted on L’Oréal Japan Kiehl’s official website.

Live footage was viewed by around 40,000 people, with users highly engaged via comments and Likes. Comments were not only directed toward the Instagrammers, but also were inquiring about Kiehl’s services and products.

As result of Instagram Live weekend store visits increased.


Infographic videos/Instagram Live video/summary video

Produced content

Infographic video

Where do New Yorkers always go when they’re concerned about skincare?

Why is there a skeleton in Kiehl’s stores?


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